The ANSM has the obligation to provide each year a detailed register of the undesirable effects of a medical product by type of implant and manufacturers, where is this register, or is it searchable?

No studies have been set up in France or in the world on the undesirable effects of breast implants (the Brick et Lucie studies never came into being).

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From the moment there have already been deaths following the implantation of prostheses (from LAGC) our association is entitled to file a complaint for non assistance to person in danger and endangering the life of others.

Benefit / risk concept, considering that statistics are false and that medical accidents are not reported by surgeons or by patients.

Women who have had cancer have their immune system weakened so the immune response is less violent than for healthy women.

Most of his statistics are made from this sample.

ANSM gave manufacturers 18 months to provide bio compatibility and safety tests?

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