Manufacturers have a safety and testing obligation regarding the placing on the market of their products.

Where are these tests?

The TUV and LE MDC and LNE GMED certification centers are only there to check the smooth running of the manufacturing process.

What most of us feel is that we have been “poisoned” the notion of poisoning is not allowed because it is the will to kill someone.

In the case of PIP Jean Claude Mass is only a “little crook” who allowed all the other manufacturers to blow up their sales in the world because the women felt reassured.

Following the PIP case there has been a worldwide craze for breast prostheses.

What is the exact composition of breast implants?

Is silicone neuro toxic? Studies are underway at The Mondor Hospital in the service of Professor Authier neurologist.

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What tests were made and on which topics and by whom?

We would like to see the date of manufacture and the expiry date of the prostheses.

The CE standard is affixed to breast prostheses.

The Sebbin laboratory, as well as Dow Corning or PIP, placed themselves under bankruptcy law to avoid liability; no more money to compensate the victims and the liquidators did not continue to insure the medical devices as they should do with the insurers.

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