We are witnessing the rise of angry women who are gradually discovering the disasters that these implants have had on their health, on their lives, on their families.
More than 80 Facebook groups have opened up around the world to warn women about the dangers of prostheses and a worldwide mutual aid has been set up.

The largest group is the BII breast implant Illness group (breast implant diseases) which represents 35,628 members, this group increase by 100 members per day.

We expect a wave of over 200,000 women who will be explanted urgently to try to regain health.

It is surprising to find no Facebook group on the subject in Germany or the 2 certifying centers have established their headquarters (TUV and MDC).

The TUV was the subject of a rich news with the PIP case.

You will understand later that the CEO Jean Claude Mass is only a small escro compared to other manufacturers who have not done any study on the safety and biocomptability of implants put on the market.

The ANSM has just asked for these tests, we are curious to see the results and how were these studies done.

Because we were victims of breast prostheses they served as live guinea pigs.

We will seek reparations for our prejudice and the names of those responsible.

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