If you want your breast implants to be analyzed for manufacturer identification, implant failure and analysis, and many details about how and why your implants have caused symptoms in your body that you could use for legal purposes , please contact Dr. Pierre Blais, who is the worldwide expert on breast implants as defective medical devices:

Dr Pierre Blais

Innoval Faillure Analys

496, avenue Westminister

Ottawa, Canada

K2A 2V1

Téléphone (613) 728-8688

Télécopieur (613) 728-0687


Update: Dr. Blais does not accept specimens for the moment due to a backlog. No decision has yet been taken on when to accept new specimens.

Dr. Blais has written several articles on the failure of breast implants based on his analysis and his results when examining thousands of implants here: Articles by Dr. Pierre Blais

Dr. Arthur Brawer is a rheumatologist and expert in silicone toxicity. He has done studies and written several papers on the toxicity of silicone and breast implants here:

  • Mechanisms of toxicity of breast implants (2017)
  • Adjuvant-Induced Auto-inflammatory Syndrome (ASIA) is misguided (2017)
  • The destiny leaves: the reappearance of the toxicity of the breast implants filled with silicone gel (2017)
  • Bones, glands and silicone (2012)
  • Improvement of systemic disease after removal of breast implants filled with silicone gel (2000)

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld is another expert who has published AutoImmune / Adjuvant Induced Inflammatory Syndrome – Asian Syndrome regarding breast implants here:


Dr. Michael Harbut wrote about the FDA regarding the dangers of platinum toxicity in breast implants and sent them to:


Dr. Frank Vasey is a rheumatologist and wrote on the dark side of silicone implants here: