A timely explant (extraction) of your breast implants and the tissue of the capsule that grows around the breast implant is the most crucial step for your recovery from breast implant disease. Once the implants and tissue of the capsule are correctly and completely removed, you will probably notice a reduction or erasure of some of your SYMPTOMS. However, some symptoms may persist and even come back until your body has completed a DETOXIFICATION process and had a chance to heal. Thousands of women who were symptomatic and had adequate explants feel like they are recovering within two years of removing the implants, but some women recover for more than a year and some take more than two years to heal. Unfortunately, there are women who do not get their full health or quality of life because of breast implants and some women who develop a deadly disease due to breast implants.


No matter what you read or what your plastic surgeon tells you about explantation of breast implants, if you are symptomatic, all breast implants must be removed en bloc with total capsulometry, regardless of the type of breast implant. implants. En Bloc is a procedure for the elimination of breast implants developed in France since the PIP case which prevents the contamination of contents inside the capsule such as silicones, silicone particles, silicones, heavy metals and microorganisms known to grow in capsules. In Block means that the surgeon leaves the tissue of the capsule intact on the breast implant and cuts around this intact unit without disturbing either the capsule or the implant to avoid contamination of the body.

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Here is Dr. Lu Jean Feng demonstrating the explant In Total Capsulectomy Capsule:

If you are sick, it should be obvious to you and your surgeon that the tissue capsule around your implant is contaminated and that a full explant / capsulectomy is needed. The right removal of your breast implants is your best chance of recovering your health. Even if you are not symptomatic and have silicone or textured implants, a Block Exfoliator / Total Capsulectomy should be done for your health, as there will likely be contamination in the capsule. If you are not symptomatic and have saline implants, the total capsulectomy should be sufficient, which means that the surgeon will remove the breast implants, and then remount and remove all tissue from the capsule.
In all cases of explantation, all the tissue of the capsule should be removed from the breast and called total capsulectomy.

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Total duration of the intervention on average 2H if you have a reconstruction after.

Implant explantation without reconstruction takes 10 minutes.

In addition to breast implant disease, there are many other reasons why total capsulectomy is recommended in most cases when removing or replacing breast implants. This practice is well known in plastic surgery schools. Leaving capsule tissue in the chest can cause pain, inflammation, calcification, infection, radiological interference, swollen lymph nodes, persistent symptoms, and continued auto reactions. -immunitaires. Many women in our community had to undergo a second surgery to remove tissue from the capsule that was not removed when they explanted their breast implants. Please make sure your explant is En bloc / Total Capsulectomy so that you are able to heal completely.

In case your implants are only a few weeks old or a few months old, an en bloc removal would not really be necessary as there would be very little possibility of contamination and very little capsule tissue built by your body in the first few weeks or months or two to have implants however any capsule tissue that is there should be removed by your surgeon.

Do not empty your implants before explantation. Draining saline implants before explantation is relatively new and suggested to women, but we strongly advise against doing so. Silicone chemicals and shell particles and biofilms of bacteria / fungi from the capsule can be washed through the capsule in your body and can cause a serious decline in health. Several women in the group noted a marked decline in health just after draining the implants before explantation. There is no benefit to draining your implants before a bulk explant / total capsulectomy.

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