The “Dans l’enfer des prothèses mammaires” association aims to inform breast prostheses carriers (implants intended to be implanted in a human body) ) the dangers of this surgery which, a priori, is considered innocuous; but also to bring them together to unite for the same purpose to initiate proceedings against those responsible for these medical devices.
This device has long been considered “inert”.

Definition in chemistry of the inert word:
“Which plays no role in a chemical reaction”.
Is it an error or “deception” manufacturers and surgeons, with the approval of the ANSM and certifying centers.

A breast implant is a Class III medical device (Very Serious Risk Potential).
Incredible for a so-called “inert” product.

Dr. Arthur Brawer (Rheumatologist) has authored seven peer-reviewed published manuscripts, all of which are currently being reviewed by the World Health Organization, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health. The silicone breast implant crisis of the early 1990s is now being repeated, and is directly related to widespread environmental toxicity and the fibromyalgia epidemic, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and several other vague syndromes. Breast implants are just one of 60,000 molecules of artificial organosiloxanes that contain artificial silicon-carbon bonds (these bonds are never present in nature). These 60,000 compounds now contaminate all compartments of the environment, causing alarm bells in the aforementioned organizations.
These molecules are essentially an “impossible mission” for any living organism, and in this respect you can find the most interesting “biophysics” section of the “vague syndromes”. The toxicity of silicone breast implants is a truly new disease caused by more than twenty disturbances of the body’s biochemistry.
Breast prostheses “poison” us slowly.
We trigger inflammatory diseases slowly but surely.

The first autoimmune diseases after silicone injections were described in 1964 by Miyoshi, the first connective tissue (CT) after silicone breast implants by Van Nunen in 1982 (Koeger and Bourgeois, 1993). The third alert was made by Professor Shoenfeld Immunologist, he is invited to many lectures on the subject (ASIA syndrome).

We are going to witness in France and Europe a wave of explantations like in the USA without precedent, no need to break to get sick, these undesirable effects concern all the smooth or textured prostheses, silicone or saline all the marks in the whole world ( not just the famous PIP prostheses).

The association “In Hell Breast Prostheses” will give you the procedures to follow in case of suspicion of breast prosthesis disease, ASIA syndrome and LAGC and lymphodenopathy, fibromyalgia, mastocytosis. We will try to inform you about the procedure to follow to confirm your pathology and management as well as the possible remedies.

We think of all those women who have started breast cancer who are being proposed for breast prosthesis reconstruction.
These women already have an immune system decreased by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, what will be the consequences on their health in the months to come.
It’s like a kisscool effect.
We have read testimonials or some have radiotherapy on capsule residues but also on breast prostheses.

Because no study in the world has been able to prove the safety and bio compatibility of breast prostheses.

Some studies show the almost systematic presence of bacterial colonization on breast prostheses (French Society of Oncological Pharmacy of 31 January 2017).

All manufacturers have had eighteen months to do these studies at the request of the ANSM with their customers to prove the safety and bio compatibility, we will dissect very ready.
The Sebbin Group has returned his study and we are victims of breast prostheses Sebbin have not been invited.
What value is given to this study?
The tests made on the mice for the LAGC have no value, the immune system of a mouse is not that of the human.

According to research by Professor Cohen Tavaert Immunologist who followed many women in Holland at least 10% of women wearing prostheses became ill because of this medical device.

In Holland, a small country, women have quickly gathered and there are 43 000 carriers of breast prostheses and already 4 300 women have been declared sick in relation to breast prostheses (figures provided by the association Europa Donna on September 17, 2016 at the newspaper Ouest France).

The Ministry of Health and Solidarity published an estimate for France in 2012 of approximately 610 113 women with breast prostheses, not counting all those who went abroad to be implanted.

In France, an estimated 47,510 breast augmentation is performed per year.

This is a growth of 237,550 more carriers than in 2012.
In France since 2012, there are 610 113 + 237 550, a total of 847 663 carriers of breast prostheses.
Using the ratio of Holland, we obtain an estimate of 84,766 women potentially affected by the ASIA syndrome.
An entire city.

This figure is only an approximation because we do not find figures published by the federations of surgeons or the Ansm.

We believe that this figure is far from reality and would be closer to the 900,000 women implanted in France because many women have performed this surgery abroad for 950 surgeons in France.
International Society of Aesthetic of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) figures for 2016.
For Germany there are 1,152 surgeons with more than 45,545 poses of silicone breast prostheses in 2016. Germany ranks 9th in the world for implant postures and France ranks 10th in the world.
The German figures are even more scary about 1 million women wearing breast implants and there are no victims of LAGC, nor syndrome ASIA (autoimmune syndrome of adjuvants in the body).

The 2 European certifying centers TÜV Rheinland and MDC (medical device certification) GmbH are German;
these centers certify breast prostheses.
What is their position on the situation in Germany in the face of this lack of LAGC victims?
We did not find any women complaining of ASIA syndrome on the one million breast prosthesis carriers.
A somewhat incredible situation.
The TUV has been in the news in the PIP case since 2011.


For information this surgery costs between 3000 and 6000 euros in France, which is most often a surgery of comfort or aesthetics.
We arrive at a surgery that will eventually become a real reconstructive surgery because women are potentially mutilated and sick.

Comparison of global figures in 2015 and 2016 (ISAPS figure)
Saline breast augmentation 64,674 in 2015 and 61,780 in 2016 (-4%)
Silicone breast augmentation 1,311,129 in 2015 1,449,337 in 2016 (+ 11%)
Removal of breast prostheses 153,476 in 2015 and 155,453 in 2016 (+ 1%)

According to projections, the number of people with autoimmune diseases in 2015 is 1,147,800 and the projected figure for 2020 is 1,381,100 or +233,400 people affected. For neurological or degenerative diseases the number in 2015 is 1 462 000 people and in 2020 it will be 1 610 300 or more than 148 300.

In the US, more than 2 million prosthetic wearers, or 200,000 women at risk of falling ill because of this medical device if we use the same Dutch ratio.
The number of breast prostheses 153 476 in 2015 and 155 453 in 2016 (+ 1%) is growing.

Some associations concerning breast prostheses already exist but we did not find the answers to our questions with these associations of defense.

When will governments become aware of the risk that thousands of women are running with this class III medical device?

Women die because of this medical device, monitoring and diagnosis are almost non-existent.

We will have to find alternatives to breast prostheses such as lipofilling with or without mastopexy and skin flap reconstruction.


The Americans are nicknamed “the breasts” and we will be the “muses”.